How did we get here

How did we get here

Children’s Party Organiser Lake Oswego

iSandbox Factory is Lake Oswego’s newest children’s party and fun activity event organiser. We are proud to provide our community with a local venue where kids, adults and groups of people of all ages can come together, get creative and have fun. Whatever you want to do our specially curated events and activity sessions are here to bring people together.

We are all about inspiring and guiding the young children in the community. Our STEaM based activities are developed for enjoyment and learning. We want kids to laugh and have fun while creating new experiences, to help them build friendships and skills that they enjoy. By organising fun, creative sessions, our desire is to provide something that gets our kids active.

Boredom Busting Crafting & Creativity

Our crafting and creative activities are fun and enjoyable for all members of the family and lead to many hours of fun. They are designed to be hands-on and engaging. The boredom buster tasks are perfect when you’ve got some free time and don’t know what to do. You’re welcome to walk in to our store in Lake Oswego

We’ve developed a range of create your own pastimes from making bathbombs to glitter tattoos and lip glosses for girls. For the boys, they can make their own slime or magic bubbles. There is no end to the creativity that is available. Our craft bar is setup for anyone to drop in and have fun and bust the boredom blues.


If you’re looking to arrange a fun children’s party or celebrating a special occasion and want to organise something different, come in and enjoy yourselves, be creative and have fun.