DIY Resin Rings by Craft it Up- 10+ Piece Beginners Kit


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A Kit with a Nice ‘Ring’ to it! Tap into your creative potential to design your own line of dazzling rings. Mix resin and hardener in equal parts to create hard plastic-like accessories. Add specks of gold or silver with the foil or color your resin with the mica powder. The design options are endless, and the process is easy! The stunning, crystal-clear finish of epoxy resin will raise your creations from homemade to professional grade. Combine the resins, add color and decorations, pour into your mold & wait for it to harden.

Creating your own accessories has never been this effortless or fun. Once your molds are ready, sand the sharp edges and adorn your fingers with your custom creations. We give you the tools, you provide the imagination!


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