PasTEX Connectorz 4X90° Spaghetti STEM Building Toy


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PasTEX is an educational STEM building toy designed for building with dry, uncooked spaghetti (Sold separately at most grocery stores). No more building flimsy spaghetti towers using marshmallows, tape, or glue. With PasTEX Connectorz, creating spaghetti models has never been easier or more fun.

PasTEX Connectorz are easy to use! Simply snap spaghetti into each connector or slide it through the center hole. PasTEX Connectorz grip spaghetti firmly to create strong, long-lasting connections. No glue required! Bend, twist, and stack Connectorz to create even the most complex spaghetti connections.

Each package contains 100 white, non-toxic plastic connectors and an instruction guide to get you started. Each connector has 4 sides at 90°; perfect for creating right angles and geometrical shapes like cubes and other types of rectangular structures.


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