Mindful Moments: Guided Exercises and Mantras for Kids


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We are all capable of tuning into the present moment and tapping into our unique strengths – Mindful Moments contains creative tools to help us achieve that goal.

Designed to introduce kids to mindfulness in an interactive way, Mindful Moments helps children discover new ways to breathe, move, and use their senses to explore. The everyday mindfulness exercises and empowering mantras inside aim to increase emotional intelligence, improve focus, build resilience, reduce anxiety, and help children feel more calm and connected to the world around them.

Easy to incorporate into a calming bedtime routine or as a way to help ground you child after a long day, children will benefit from daily use of this mindfulness for kids card deck. What’s inside the handcrafted box? – 34 easy-to-follow guided mindfulness activities with custom illustrations – 22 simple, yet powerful, confidence boosting mantra cards with positive affirmations

– Mindful Tips guide

Loved by kids and adults!

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